Childhood Obesity

Child obesity in America is an ongoing concern. Learn how to prevent childhood obesity by encouraging healthy eating and exercise and what to do if your child is already overweight.

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Research Pinpoints 3 Key Ways to Reduce Your Child's Risk of Obesity
A new study has linked childhood obesity to inconsistent routines around mealtime, screen time, and, most importantly, bedtime. 
If Your Preschooler Craves Fast Food, You May Want to Turn Off the TV
According to a new study, preschoolers who see ads for fast-food are more likely to eat it.
Kids Only Need to Exercise for 10 Minutes a Day to Reap Benefits, Study Says
It turns out just 10 minutes of intense activity is enough to help kids stay on the right track with their health.
When Parents Think Kids Are Overweight, It's More Likely They Will Be Later On
New research highlights the consequences of parents' perceptions of their kids' weight.

More Childhood Obesity

The Surefire Way NOT to Help Your Kids Lose Weight
A school initiative to help kids lose weight is having the opposite effect, according to a new report.
Could a Younger Sibling Make Your Child Skinnier?
The birth of a sibling by first grade appears to lower a child's risk of obesity, according to a new study.
Staggering 1 in 5 Kids Have Troubling Cholesterol Levels, Study Says

New AAP recommendations to screen all kids for cholesterol make more sense than ever on the heels of this study, which found about 20 percent of children have unhealthy cholesterol.