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Your child's health is important. Learn about common allergies; cold and flu; how to treat a fever and when to go to the ER; ear infections; rashes; sore throats, stomach aches, and more.

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7 Ways to Boost Your Child's Immunity
Colds and flu are a fact of life for kids, but there are smart steps you can take to help reduce their number of sick days.
5 Ways to Boost Your Kid's Gut Health
If you want to set him up for a lifetime of good health, it’s essential to bolster the bacteria in his belly. As a microbiologist and a mom, I’ve got five science-based strategies for doing just that.
Kids and Missing Teeth—What Every Parent Should Know
Tooth agenesis, including oligodontia, may be rare but it can cause issues if your child has it. Here's what parents need to look out for.
I Self-harmed as a Teen—Here's What I Want Parents To Know
Up to 10 percent of young adults self-harm. Here, one woman shares her story of what it was like to grow up a "cutter" and what parents really need to know.

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The Challenges of Having a Parent with Mental Illness
In the wake of the news about Naomi Judd's struggles with mental health, one woman shares her story of living with a parent with mental illness.
CDC Warns About Severe Hepatitis Cases in Children
Dozens of children have been affected by severe hepatitis across the country. Experts are working to figure out the cause of the unusual liver inflammation.
COVID Toes: What To Know About This Strange Symptom in Kids

COVID toes is a mysterious coronavirus symptom characterized by swollen, discolored toes. But while it may look strange, it's not usually cause for concern in children.