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What To Do When Your Child Has Ulcerative Colitis
Rates of ulcerative colitis in kids are increasing worldwide. Here's what parents need to know about this chronic inflammatory condition.
Is Medicine Always the Answer for a Fever?
A pediatrician explains what fevers mean and why parents typically don't have to treat them with acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
How Social Media Filters Are Affecting Youth
Social media filters may be cute and fun, but they are having a deeper impact on the mental health of youth. Here's what parents need to know.
Everything You Need to Know About Schizophrenia In Kids
While schizophrenia is relatively uncommon in teens, young adults can be diagnosed. Here's everything you need to know about this mental health condition.
Yes, Your Kid Can Be Addicted to Social Media—Here's How to Help
A new study reveals that the brains of teens who watched TikTok had the same areas associated with addiction light up on a scan, but how worried should parents be? Experts weigh in on how addictive social media can be for kids.
Why You Should Be Asking Your Pediatrician Not to Talk to Your Kids About Their Weight
Growth charts and weight are a common part of children's annual visit to the pediatrician. Here's why you should probably be asking your pediatrician not to discuss them with your child.

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How To Have Sex-Positive Talks With Your Teen Without Being Cringey
Instead of placing emphasis on "The Talk," parents can establish lasting trust which holds space for "The Recurring Conversation" necessary for sexual education.
Toxic Diet Talk During Girl Scout Cookie Season May Increase Kids' Risk for Eating Disorders
Kids young as 5 learn entrepreneurship through Girl Scout cookie sales, but they may also be learning to worry about fat, calories, and weight. Here's what parents can do to protect their children.
How to Talk to Kids About Active Shooter Drills, According to Mental Health Experts

Conversations on Reddit and trends on TikTok reflect children's anxiety about both potential school shootings and realistic shooter drills. Here are tips from experts on how to talk to your child about them.