Potty Training

Is your toddler ready to start potty training? Here, you'll learn the basics of potty training, and find potty training tips to help the toilet transition go as smoothly as possible. Plus, don't miss our comprehensive section on potty training gear.

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After my family moved, my 4-year-old suddenly started holding in his poop. Nothing I tried worked to get him to go to the bathroom. I turned to experts who explained why this might be happening and what I could do about it. Here's how my son started pooping again.
Can Childcare Providers Tell You When Your Kid Has to Be Potty Trained?
Policies differ across preschools, daycares, and states. Here's what parents of toddlers who aren't toilet trained need to know.
I Learned Not Trying to Potty Train is the Best Way to Potty Train
My son was one of the only kids his age still wearing diapers. But after stressing for so long, I realized forcing him to potty train wasn't the way to go.

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The Best Potty Training Pants and How to Use Them

Potty training pants ease the transition from diapers to underwear. Learn about the differences between cloth and disposable options, then check out our top picks on the market today.