Learn about behaviors, first friends, language, manners, delays, and more with these developmental touchstones. Our month-by-month guide prepares you every step of the way.

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How To Help Your Kid Overcome Their Fear of the Dark
It's common for children to be scared of the dark. Experts weigh in on how parents can help their little ones conquer those nighttime fears.
The CDC Updated Their Developmental Milestones for Kids—Here's What Parents Need to Know
The CDC has revised the developmental milestone checklist for children, but experts raise the alarm on new changes that may cause more harm than good.
TikTok Mom Points Out That Not All 'Big Feelings' Are the Same
Real talk: A broken banana is not the same as a family emergency. One TikToker explains how to validate all big feelings while keeping things in perspective.
My Outgoing Child is Suddenly Shy—How Can I Encourage Her To Be More Social With Friends?
Parents often stress about kids and social skills, so it can be helpful to remember that social styles can look really different across ages and personalities, and still be healthy and typical.'s "Ask Your Mom" columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., says the key is to support our children in growing their social skills in a way that matches what feels natural to them.
My Kids Seem So Stressed—What Can I Do to Create a Calmer Household?
This past year has cranked up the stress and anxiety for most families. Fortunately, you can take steps to be the champion of calm in the household, teaching your children important skills that will help now and in the future.'s "Ask Your Mom" columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., shares how.
Creative Ways Parents Can Increase Their Child's Language Skills At Home
Some families are just not ready to return to their pre-pandemic routine and may be worried that their child will fall behind with their language skills. Here are some creative ways to set up a language rich home to prevent that from happening.

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