Feeding a baby is among the top concerns new parents have. How do you know if your baby is getting enough to eat?Here you'll learn about baby nutrition. We'll teach you about formula, and when to start solid foods. We'll also explore bottlefeeding, help you with feeding problems, and go in depth about feeding your baby the first year.

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Is It Safe to Drink Recalled Baby Formula? Three Experts Weigh In
Abbott Nutrition received FDA approval to release speciality formulas produced in its shuttered plant, which was linked to bacterial contamination. But is it safe to give your baby this formula? We spoke with experts to learn more.
Stop Telling People To 'Just Breastfeed' When They Can't Find Formula
As families face an acute baby formula shortage, they are met with online advice that is not helpful or accurate.
White House Announces Plan to Combat Infant Formula Shortage
The White House's three-step plan to tackle the formula shortage will begin immediately, but officials don't yet know when parents will feel the impact.
What To Know if You're Transgender or Nonbinary and Considering Chestfeeding
Choosing how to feed your baby is a decision that comes with many complicated emotions. It can feel like there are a million factors playing at once, but ultimately your mental health should come first.
Parents Are Desperately Searching for Baby Formula as National Supply Shortage Continues
Families across the country are struggling because of the baby formula shortage. Parents and experts weigh in on the shortage and the problems it's causing.
Formula Feeding Cured My Anxiety
One mom shares how switching to formula helped her own mental health after experiencing stress from breastfeeding difficulties.

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4 Baby Formulas Recalled After Several Infants Reportedly Fall Sick
The Food and Drug Administration has expanded its recall of powdered baby formulas after the death of another child.
Mom Says Her Husband 'Won't Let Her' Formula Feed and Reddit Has A Lot of Thoughts
After struggling with her mental health while trying to breastfeed her first baby, a mom shared that she's being pressured by her husband not to use formula with her second.
'American' Baby Food Isn't for Me—Here's Why I Feed My Son Bengali Food

Growing up I was told my culture's cuisine was "exotic" and unhealthy—but then I became a mom and started seeing things differently.