Injuries & Accidents

There's nothing scarier than an emergency. Learn how to protect your kid from injuries and provide remedies or first aid when accidents happen.

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I Felt Judged When My Baby Broke His Leg and I Wonder If I've Done the Same to Other Parents
When my baby was in an orthopedic boot, I felt the spotlight-hot glare of judgment everywhere we went. I was forced to relive my parenting mistake with every look.
When Your Child Breaks a Bone: Everything You Need to Know About Wearing a Cast
Life in an arm cast or a leg cast isn't easy, especially if you're a kid. But these tricks from parents and doctors can make the experience better for everyone.
You Might Rethink Letting Your Kids Play Football, Thanks to This Study
A new study has identified dangers associated with playing football before age 12—it's worth considering if your kids want to join the team!
Kids' Concussions May Impair Brain Function Years Later
We already know a concussion can be serious, but now new research suggests the effects can be very long term in nature, especially for younger kids.
The No-Panic Guide to Treating Your Kid's Cuts and Bruises
Follow these expert tips to help your little one's bumps and scrapes feel better fast!

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