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The entire process of labor and delivery can go quickly or it can be excruciatingly slow. Here you'll learn what to expect and how to prepare for labor and the delivery of your baby.

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Frida Mom's New C-Section Recovery Line Has Everything You Might Need for Your Postpartum Journey
One third of all births are C-sections, but traditional postpartum care focuses on vaginal deliveries.
Reddit Thread Shows the Overwhelming Cost of Childbirth
Giving birth in the U.S. isn't cheap—but how much you pay out of pocket will vary, as one Reddit thread highlights.
Family Expects New Mom To Be at a Party 4 Days After Birth—We Don't Think So
People expect too much of postpartum people. One Reddit thread highlighted the pressure people face to "go back to normal" days after giving birth.
Doula vs. Midwife: These Are the Differences and How to Choose
The titles are often used interchangeably, but doulas and midwives occupy very different roles. Here's which option is best for you (hint: It might be both!)
How to Check If Your Cervix Is Dilated—Without an Exam
At the end of your pregnancy and eager to meet baby? We feel you. It's best to leave cervical exams to the professionals, but with a doctor or midwife's approval, here's how to check cervix dilation at home.
My Doctor Said I Needed a C-Section for My Breech Baby: A Second Opinion Got Me the Birth I Wanted
When I found out my baby was breech at 37 weeks, one OB-GYN presented a C-section as an inevitability. I decided to switch doctors. While you can't always get what you want in the delivery room, an understanding doctor with specialized training helped shift the birth I was able to have.

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This Is What It's Like to Have a Baby on Medicaid, According to Women Who Have Been There
Amidst the pandemic, more women are delivering on state-funded insurance. And while your insurance shouldn't dictate the type of care you get, experts say that sometimes it does. Here, what to expect from having a baby on Medicaid and how to advocate for the best prenatal care possible.
This Dad Ordered a Pizza While His Partner Was In Labor and the Internet Was Outraged
"What's better than becoming a father? Becoming a father and eating pizza!" Umm, no, not exactly...
The Lamaze Method: Everything You Need to Know

Lamaze is a childbirth preparation method aimed at building confidence and teaching coping mechanisms for labor. Read more about the natural technique to decide whether it's right for you.