Gone are the days of the perfect parent: enter the era of celebrating your ‘mom flaws’. #ParentsIRL is all about what parenthood is REALLY like, because what we once thought of as ‘imperfections’—stretch marks, using dry shampoo—are just proof that you’re living your life as a mindful, loving parent.

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Everything You Need to Know About Crawling in Babies
Eager to see your little one start crawling? Find out when babies reach the crawling milestone and what it means for their physical development. Before you know it, your kid will be crawling and making a go for it!
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Babies Start To Develop a Sense of Humor as Early as 1 Month, Study Shows
A new study from the UK shows that babies as young as four weeks old can understand and appreciate humor, which may help researchers better understand how a baby's brain develops.
Do Babies Hiccup and Burp in the Womb?
From the causes of fetal hiccups to what they feel like, here's everything you need to know about babies hiccuping in the womb.
Formula Feeding Cured My Anxiety
One mom shares how switching to formula helped her own mental health after experiencing stress from breastfeeding difficulties.
Study Shows Babies Born During Pandemic Have Slight Developmental Delays—Here's Why You Shouldn't Worry
A new study published in JAMA Pediatrics appears to show that babies born during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic may lag behind slightly in certain developmental areas.

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'Fourth Trimester' Was Added to the Dictionary—Here's Why That Matters
To bring attention to maternal health and wellness, the company Fourth Phase petitioned for the term "fourth trimester" to be added to all dictionaries. Merriam-Webster dictionary recently announced the word is officially added. Here's why that's a win for parents.