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We Are Family, the new podcast from Parents, shines a light on the beautiful diversity of today's families.

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Gayle King Talks About How She 'Proudly Owns' Being a Helicopter Parent and the Joy of Becoming a Grandmother
On the latest episode of We Are Family, Gayle King, the host of CBS Mornings, mom of two, and Oprah's best friend, talks about her parenting philosophies and how much she adores being a grandma.
Nick Carter Shares His Hopes for His 3 Kids: 'I Want Them To Be Better Than Me'
On this week's We Are Family, singer, dancer, and Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, talks about becoming a hands-on dad to his three young kids, what it will mean to him when they go to college, and the one thing he wants more than anything for his brood.
Billie Eilish's Mom Maggie Baird Talks About Homeschooling and Bartering for Singing Lessons
In the latest episode of We Are Family, Billie Eilish and Finneas' mom Maggie Baird offers details on her kids' unconventional childhoods and explains what it's like to be raising superstars.
Talking Heads Frontman David Byrne Talks About the Tough Parts of Parenting: 'You Have to Kind of Figure It Out for Yourself as You Go'
In the latest episode of We Are Family, the Talking Heads singer and creator of American Utopia talks about how he coped with social awkwardness, what creative freedom meant to him as a kid, and what he found to be the most challenging aspect of parenting.
How Singing Helped Lea Michele Get Through Her Pregnancy Trauma: 'I Used It to Truly Heal and To Help Bring Me Strength'
In the latest episode of We Are Family, singer and star of Glee, Lea Michele, opens up about the huge challenges she faced in becoming a mom to her son Ever and reveals how singing helped her to heal.
Snooki on Why She Never Wanted To Find Her Birth Parents After Being Adopted: 'I Was So Secure With My Parents'
On the latest episode of the We Are Family podcast, Jersey Shore star and mom of three Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, talks about being a "hot mess mom," her new wine brand, and never wanting to meet her birth mother.

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Marc and Heidi D'Amelio Share What It's Like to Raise TikTok Stars Dixie and Charli: 'To Be Known for Being My Kids' Parents is Super Cool'
On the latest episode of the We Are Family podcast, the parents of TikTok sensations Charli and Dixie D'Amelio talk about what it's like when your kids, your family, and then, your entire life goes viral.
Aasif Mandvi on New Parenthood in His 50s: 'I Didn't Know That I Wanted To Be a Dad Until I Had a Baby'
Actor, comedian, and The Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi talks about the impact of being raised away from his parents, and how he believes being an older dad has benefitted his relationship with his son.
Comedian Samantha Bee Stole Cars Before She Turned 16: 'I Learned Pretty Quickly That Was Not the Life For Me'

The host of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee dishes on raising tweens and teens, married life, and her rebellious teen years on Parents's podcast We Are Family.