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TikTokker Shows Us That for Every 'No' There's a Hidden 'Yes' When Redirecting Kids
If you find yourself saying "no" to your child every five seconds, there's another way to stop behavior by finding the "yes."
Why Finding the Reason Behind SIDS Means So Much to Me
Finding the cause of SIDS has the potential to relinquish blame and the promise to act as a stepping stone toward long-awaited closure for grieving families.
Native American Students Living in California Are Now Eligible for Free Tuition at the University of California
Through the University of California's Native American Opportunity Plan, California residents who are also members of a federally recognized tribe will receive free tuition to any of the University of California's nine colleges.
Get Ready for the 'CoComelon' Spinoff Featuring Cody
After growing in popularity on the preschool hit CoComelon, the Green family gets their own spinoff show called It's Cody Time.
TSA, Air Travel, and Your Rights When It Comes to Breast Milk
After Emily Calandrelli went viral for sharing her story about TSA not supporting her right to pump during travel, we reached out to some experts to learn more about your rights when it comes to breast milk.
What it Means to Have a Sports Illustrated Star With a C-Section Scar 
Kelly Hughes is a model and a mom with a C-section scar. Her empowering photo in Sports Illustrated was a long time coming.

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The 2022 Barbie Fashionistas Line Has Added New Dolls and More Diversity
The Mattel line will feature a doll with a prosthetic leg, a doll with vitiligo, and one with behind-the-ear hearing aids to increase representation and inclusivity.
What the Family of Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst Wants Us To Know About High-Functioning Depression
The beauty queen's January death by suicide was shocking because it seemed like she had it all. Many people who are suffering from depression have similar stories.
Study Finds Teens' Brains Block Sound of Mother's Voice—Yeah, Moms Know

If you've ever felt like your teen is ignoring you, science has finally figured out why. The best part? It's not personal. The frustrating part? It's not going to stop any time soon.