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7 Unexpected Benefits of Eating Together as a Family, According to Science
Sitting down for a family meal (and no, it doesn't necessarily have to be dinner) has resounding benefits for both kids and their parents.
15 Ways to Help Your Baby Love Food as Much as You Do
You can make your baby's high chair her happy place with these tips to encourage her to be confident and comfortable around all kinds of food.
If Your Preschooler Craves Fast Food, You May Want to Turn Off the TV
According to a new study, preschoolers who see ads for fast-food are more likely to eat it.
Hungry? You May Be Feeding Your Kids Too Much
A new study finds parents who are hungrier at mealtimes are likely to feed their kids more.
4 Food Resolutions for Happier Family Meals
These four resolutions will help your kids become happier, healthier eaters.
The Best Baby-Led Weaning Foods
If your baby is ready to start solids, you may want rely on table foods instead of purees. Here are five great baby-led weaning starter foods to test out—no cooking required!

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Dad Turns His Daughter's Bag Lunches Into Perfectly Geeky Works of Art
We love how this awesomely geeky dad goes above and beyond when it comes to packing his daughter's lunch every day.
How to Reduce Food Waste and Save Big
Most American families throw away $1,600 every year, and it's literally rotting in the garbage can in the form of food waste. If you're watching your grocery budget (and who isn't?), reducing food waste is an easy way to save some dough, and help the environment to boot.