Family Dynamics

What makes a family? Learn about traditional and non-traditional family relationships, including single-parent families, families with gay parents, military families, and more. Try these tips for making your family work regardless of your family make-up.

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'Alma's Way' Creator, Sonia Manzano, Says Grandparents Are Our Culture Keepers
The Sesame Street Alum talks to us about the the newest character on Alma's Way, the complicated relationship with her own grandmother, and how technology can actually help Latinx families stay connected.
Gender Identity Terms To Know and Understand
As a parent follows their child's lead, one of the first steps a caregiver can take is to educate themselves on some of the common terms related to gender identity.
I'm a Queer Parent and It's Hard to Not Worry About the Domino Effect of Roe v. Wade for LGBTQIA+ Rights
No matter what happens to Roe v. Wade, the queer community collectively holds its breath. We're trying not to spiral into the 'what ifs' and focus on the 'what is,' but what is happening is the wakening of dormant bigotry.
Why Chosen Families Are Essential to LGBTQIA+ Parents and Their Children
Many queer people grew up without seeing themselves reflected in their world. Today, LGBTQIA+ parents are intentionally raising their kids in and around queer communities.
These Two Words Can Help Strengthen Your Family Unit
Saying "I'm Sorry" can be seen as weak in Latinx households, when in fact it can build trust within families. Here's why it's time we all learn to give a proper apology.  
The Heroes Behind the Front Lines: Military Family Life in America Today
One-third of active U.S. service members are also parents. The personal sacrifices these families make every day are not always as visible as their uniforms.

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The Resilience and Grit of Military Children is Unparalleled 
In an exclusive essay for Parents, military mom, educator, and First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, speaks to the unique challenges military families face and the opportunity we all have to support them as they serve our country.  
10 Ways to Better Support Military Families in Your Community
Military families face similar challenges as civilian families while also navigating unique experiences like frequent moves and deployment. Here's how to show them support.
Signs Your Child's Grandparent Is a Narcissist—and What To Do About It

Think your child's grandparent might be a narcissist? Experts share the red flags and describe how to cope with troubling moments that might occur.