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Are you a positive parent? Whether you're disciplining your child for bad behavior or helping through a difficult homework assignment, you'll love these tips for positive parenting.

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I Am My Ancestors' Wildest Dreams
For too many Black parents, the scope of our "ancestors' wildest dreams" is narrow and rooted in the same systems that kept them in chains. We need to dream bigger, and it starts with how we parent our children.
Child Therapist Validates Mom's Gentle Parenting at Walmart, Even When It's Not the Easy Way
This Redditor scored more than just a deal at Walmart—she won at gentle parenting and earned much appreciated praise when she guided her child through a meltdown.
bell hooks Wasn't a Parent, but She Taught Us How To Love Children
The beloved writer, activist, and feminist scholar died Wednesday, December 15. As we celebrate her life, we remember the lessons she taught us that we'll pass on to the next generation of children.
How to Help Your Kid Launch Their Own Small Business
Do you have a budding entrepreneur in your brood? Here's how to help get those youthful business dreams off the ground (with insights from one of the wealthiest teen entrepreneurs in the world).
5 Things to Do When Your Young Child Says 'I'm Fat'
The pressure to be thin affects kids far earlier than you might imagine, but you can counter that with some gentle messaging and good role modeling.
I Was Drowning, So I Hired a Parenting Coach—and It's the Best Money I've Ever Spent
Some people take tennis or violin lessons. I take parenting lessons. Yes, it's expensive, but the value I get from it is priceless.

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Living in a Multigenerational Home Has Made Me a Better Parent
One writer shares the benefits of living with her parents while raising her own children.
Want to Annoy Moms? Say These 13 Words and Phrases
Whether they come from friends or well-meaning strangers, these euphemisms and so-called terms of endearment irked the moms we polled most when it comes to parenting.
Unpacking the Myth of the Perfect Mother

More than half of parents feel that they are failing in their first year of parenthood and many blame social media for pressuring them to be perfect, a recent survey shows. The truth: there's no such thing as a perfect mom.