Rashes come in different forms and cause itching and irritation. Learn how to treat a rash, what causes it, and more.

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Skin Rash Treatment: How to Stop the Itch
Some rashes in children will disappear without treatment, but some need some help healing. Here's how to treat common types of rashes and when to call the doctor for red, itchy skin.
6 Gross (but Common!) Conditions Parents Don't Talk About
Get to know six contagious conditions that lots of kids have but few parents talk about. 
Spot That Rash: Causes and Cures of Rashes
It's scary when your child's skin is suddenly red and itchy. This guide will help you figure out the cause and the cure. The pictures aren't pretty, but you'll be glad you looked.
Cold Sores vs. Canker Sores: How to Get Rid of Mouth Sores
There are two very different kinds of common mouth sores: cold sores, or herpetic stomatitis, and canker sores, or aphthous stomatitis. Here's how to tell the difference and help them heal quickly.
Cradle Cap Symptoms and Treatment
Learn what causes cradle cap (aka infantile seborrheic dermatitis), a condition that covers Baby's skin in splotches and flakes, and how to get rid of it.
Identifying Skin Bleeding
If you notice a rash of red spots, your child may be bleeding under the skin because of an allergic reaction. Learn more about skin bleeds to determine the signs.

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What to Do If You or Your Child Gets the Measles
If members of your family have the measles, you'll see an unpleasant rash develop all over their bodies. Here are ways to cope with the symptoms and to prevent the measles virus from spreading to others.
The Differences Between Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac
How do you distinguish between these poisonous plants, and what's the best way to treat rashes that appear after touching them? We spoke with experts to find out.